Orbs and other Dimensional Phenomena (2015-17)
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Orbs and other Dimensional Phenomena (2013-14)
2017 UFO Images
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Our verandah with some of our local feathered friends: three visiting Kookaburras and four of our friendly Magpies that we regularly handfeed. We do most of our photography from this spot.

Shelley and I have been getting side-tracked into photographing amazing light phenomena at night in our garden using the Nikon and Sony camera with flash. It appears the dimensional veil is pretty thin and if you raise your vibrational state (feelings of heart-felt love/joy etc) you can photograph many different coloured orbs and other dimensional phenomena. Shelley nearly always has orbs and other light objects in her photos while sometimes I end up with almost none even though we are photographing at the same time from the same verandah. It appears that the most important thing in this regard is your state of consciousness and intent. It often works much better straight after a meditation. If you just treat it as a technical experiment than often it doesn't work and you get nothing. An open heart appears to be the key. All you have to do then is aim and shoot. 

Orbs-the-Veil-is-Lifting-DVD We highly recommend this wonderful documentary video on the Orb phenomenon. You can see the trailer here.

The-Orb-Project A well-researched and systematic study of this fascinating phenomenon. Highly recommended!

the-new-frontier-multidimensionality-ebook A good introduction to these phenomena are found in Cedar River's little ebook "The New Frontier - Multidimensionality"

ascension-through-orbs-book Another brilliant source of information on orbs is found in the book "Ascension through Orbs" by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.


News: One of our orb photographs is featured on the cover of
the October 2014 issue of the Danish magazine Nyt Aspekt:

Updated: 28th July 2017

10th June 2017: I made a small bonfire in the garden to clear some dead wood and branches that had come down from a windy storm some months ago.
I took some photos of the fire and smoke and was very surprised to see in one photo a very clear 'tree spirit' face in the flames and several other beings around it in the smoke.
It appears that the process of burning the dead wood and branches has helped release old, trapped energies from the land:
A very clear face of a 'tree spirit' in the flames and several other spirit beings in the surrounding smoke:

20th May 2017: Shelley and I attended a weekend spiritual retreat with eight others at the peaceful Moondyne Convention Centre in the Chittering Valley, Western Australia.
The weather was mostly cold, wet and windy but miraculously it cleared for a few hours for our bonfire and the stars were bright in the evening sky.
Soon it became clear that we had company from our higher dimensional star family with some of the more sensitive members of our group feeling and sensing their presence and the high vibration/energy.
I felt to take photos of the bonfire and smoke. Suddenly a large white orb appeared in one of my photos. Our dear friend, Jo (from heartstar.org), who was also present at the bonfire told me that I had a visitor, a 'mother figure' from my soul group from my star family. A few minutes later I photographed a beautiful pink orb and strange angular shapes appeared in the bonfire smoke:

I was later told that the angular shapes were sacred geometry activation codes for me.
One of Jo's photographs from the same time actually shows an amazing image of the 'mother figure' that appeared in the smoke that evening (thanks, Jo!):

Wow! This was an amazing experience for me and such a great gift to have photographic evidence for confirmation.

Beautiful coloured veils among orbs and raindrops:

When orbs are not orbs: On Wednesday night 13th April 2016, I photographed (with my high-resolution 36MP Sony camera) a series of blue objects which I initially thought were orbs. Further examination and enhancement of the images showed that they were not. Instead they appear to be 3-dimensional spherical objects, and as strange as it sounds, possibly being released from disc-shaped craft/UFOs. You can see the full story on the 2016-UFO-Images page.


These are not orbs but appear to be 3-dimensional spherical objects/UFOs of some kind:


Spectacular coloured veils with powerful Angelic energies. Shelley saw the blue colour in front of the camera at the moment my camera flash went off for this photo.
We would not be surprised if some of you will feel these energies when you take the time to really look at the image. This is precisely what happened when we showed the image to Shelley's sister.
These photos were taken during an autumn evening thunderstorm:


A close-up:
Amazingly, note the light codes present in the top edge of some of the veils:

A few minutes later another spectacular photo with different energies present:

Here finally are a few new orb photos for 2016, photographed during an autumn evening shower:

A large group of similar-looking orbs suddenly coalesce during a late evening lightning storm:

Two large orbs, presumably close to the camera, cover part of a band of other orbs in the background during a late evening lightning storm:

With the camera focused close up, orbs and raindrops take on an almost cartoon-like appearance during an evening shower:

Like a surreal view of distant galaxies, colourful orbs, veils and other phenomena are captured in this beautiful scene during an evening shower:

Colourful veils and orbs among rain drops during an evening shower:



Strange twisted veils appear among orbs and other phenomena during an evening shower:

A large collection of veils appear among many orbs and raindrops like a surreal hilly landscape during an early spring shower:

At the moment of the camera flash I saw a plasma-like cloud light up in front of the camera.
This unexpected fleeting etheric phenomenon appears to be full of strange shapes and faces:


Strange characteristic patterns appeared on some of these orbs together with veils:

A selection of orbs, raindrops and other colourful phenomena appeared when shooting up into the night sky. The edge of the gutter is visible top right:

Orbs sometimes appear like graceful drapes of fine cloth that Miceal Ledwith (in The Orb Project) calls "veils":

A spectacular display during an evening shower:


More veils appear with numerous orbs among the rain drops:

Orbs coalesce on the left side of the image like bubbles in Champagne during a winter shower:

A large number of orbs appear to have coalesced into a long shape on the left side of this image during a winter shower:

This was followed by a very busy image of bright orbs and fine particles about 9 minutes later:

An other-wordly etheric being is captured at bottom left that appears to be sending out a spray of particles to the right during a stormy winter shower.
The green at bottom-right is a tree out of focus. This photo reinforces the importance of protecting yourself and the area.
For example by creating a diamond or pyramid light grid around the area where you take photographs.
You can also ask the Archangels or our Star family to help with protection:


A short time later when the rain had stopped, a beautiful large orb was photographed in this peaceful scene:

It has been a little while since we did some orb photography, so here is another wonderful example of some of the beauty that can appear with this photography:

An early morning shower provides an opportunity to do some orb photography:

Orbs and other Dimensional Phenomena (2013-14)

2016 UFO Images
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