3rd December 2017: A whole mix of different energies and their ships over Perth

I'm not usually in the habit of sharing images of dense lesser beings as I do not wish to create fear, however, I do feel we can learn a lot from this image.
The higher dimensional energies that can be observed/photographed/felt and are present/active around us and in our skies changes all of the time.
It is usually a whole mix of energies, both highly benevolent beings of love and light (5D+), as well as the more dense lesser beings (typically lower 4D/astral) who are into control and suppression.
The former include the highly benevolent higher dimensional beings and their ships, which I refer to as Star family, who are here to help with the Asension of the Earth and humanity.
This photo was taken just after 4 pm on Sunday afternoon of the 3rd December 2017 from our verandah pointing west towards Perth.
The sky had a strange haze with rather unusual shaped clouds in it.
Further enhancements of the sky clearly shows the presence and faces of rather dense (lesser) energies/beings, but also lots of ghostly-looking ships in the sky over Perth at that time.
Subsequently I have also found Angelic energies present as well. So there is a whole mix of different energies represented in this image!

The following image is what the original photo looks like without any enhancements. Note the sun just visible through a cloudy haze:


Now we take the same image and adjust the levels and contrast to bring out more details in the sky.
Note the rather strange cloud formations. Some of the clouds just below centre look like a three-fingered hand tightly squeezing the clouds.
There are quite a number of ghostly looking ships in this image. There are also dense energies/lesser beings from the astral/4th dimension and their faces clearly visible.


The small band of clouds roughly midway between the tall trees shows a strange light band. These reveal the presence of a line of ships:

Directly next to the above line of ships is a rather unpleasant face (circled):

At a later time when I was looking at this image my eyes were suddenly drawn to the small area (circled in orange below) just to the left of the trees on the right hand side of the image.
This small area is 'lit up' and is showing the presence of Angelic energies (see insert):

As the high vibrational waves of Ascension energies are continuously bathing the Earth and the light is rising, it is resulting in the dense, lower 4th dimensional (astral) energies becoming more obvious and they can be readily seen in photographs like these. These oppressive energies that thrive on control and fear are continuously being released from the Earth. As the frequency bands of the astral plane receives a deeper flushing out, the more a higher dimensional state of peace and wholeness based in love is anchored on and around the planet. The more this happens, the less of a hold those playing the part of oppressors in the human world have, as their underlying energetic support framework dissolves.
Please visit heartstar.org if you wish to learn more about Ascension energies and the shifts that are occurring.

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