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30th March 2016, 12:44 pm
UFO fleet over Greenmount National Park, Perth hills, Western Australia

One of my favourite spots for craft photography at the moment is Greenmount National Park in the Perth hills.  This small park has suffered from recent bush fires and has some bare areas with burnt tree stumps.

View of Perth from Greenmount National Park, Perth hills, Western Australia, showing a burnt patch from a recent bushfire.

The park also has another official look-out point with awesome views over the city of Perth. We've recently had a few very clear days so it was a great opportunity for some more photography. On 29th March I photographed a beautiful reflective craft over Swan View (see DSC01876 in
2016 UFO Images). The following day I went back and decided to take photos higher up in the sky. When I got home and examined the images on the computer it appears that at one point there was a gathering of many craft, maybe more than 30 over my head. I have about 12 consecutive images with these craft in them. Some were lit up while others were quite dark (cloaked). It appears that some of the craft were cloaking and decloaking very rapidly, like bright lights blinking on and off. Some of the craft made a ‘j’ shape in the sky (see DSC02787 below). Clearly they put on a beautiful show for me to photograph them, even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time and never know what I’ve got until I check them later on the computer.
The following images are from a photo series taken at 2 frames per second, pointed almost directly over my head in Greenmount National Park. I have increased the contrast to make the craft more visible in the images:


Some of the craft in the fleet look disc or spherical in shape. However, on closer examination some craft have a rather unusual shape that is somewhat similar to the craft that I had seen before on 21st January 2016
over Darlington. For example, compare the following two enhanced images from this fleet (from DSC02785) to the various images of the craft of the 21st January 2016 (below). The craft appears to have three angled lit-up discs attached to and surrounding a darker central craft: